Fallbrook Bonsall MOPS

  Better Moms make a better world 

2013 Theme

Moms live in messes. The toys, crumbs, and spit-up are their natural surroundings. Moms often feel like a mess. They are exhausted, under-showered, and hormonal. Their past and present circumstances and decisions can leave them feeling inadequate for God's love and purposes.  A Beautiful Mess reminds moms that beauty can come out of their difficult spots. The grime of mothering young children brings the beauty of motherhood. The bruises of life can bring God's redemption. Embrace Your Story reminds moms that their past, present and future can be used for good. God knows where each of us has been, where we are today and has set in motion where we are headed.  

Discussion Groups

You will become a member of a small group within our MOPS group for the entire year. This will enable you to build relationships with other women on a more personal level.

Each discussion group has a leader to facilitate discussion and help guide members in the journey of motherhood. These leaders are available to pray for you and be of encouragement to you. They will be responsible for your membership dues, remind you of upcoming MOPS events, meetings and may plan an occasional group get together. In addition to the discussion group leader, each table has a Mentor Mom. These are very special ladies who have already journeyed through the young years of parenting and many are now in the grandparenting phase. They are here to love you, pray for you, and help guide you anyway they can. Each Mentor Mom is unique in her life experiences and has a wealth of wisdom to pass on to you.

At most meetings, moms will sit at the assigned discussion group table to talk about the discussion questions. Questions will be related to the topic of the meeting. Not every mom must share if she does not so desire. The purpose of the questions is to find commonality, encouragement, and support from fellow moms as moms share their own experiences/wisdom. 
Please keep in mind the following guidelines during your discussion group:
    Be AUTHENTIC – share your true feelings
    Be MUTUAL – encourage one another
    Be SYMPATHETIC – support one another  
    Be MERCIFUL – forgive one another 
    Be HONEST – speak the truth in love
    Be HUMBLE – admit your weaknesses
    Be COURTEOUS – respect our differences
    Be CONFIDENTIAL – no gossip
    Be FAITHFUL – make your group a priority

MOPS meetings and discussion groups are places for mothers to share and confide in one another. Be respectful to these confidences and keep them as such. As a guideline, never share a situation or prayer request unless the person requesting it has given you permission to do so. 

Membership Info

We are a non-denominational group, but are supported by Riverview Church in Bonsall, CA.

We meet the first and third Thursdays each month from 9:15am to 11:30 am. The Fall session begins September 19 and runs through mid-December. The Spring session begins in January and runs through May.


We love to have moms visit with us! Visitors are welcome as long as there is no waiting list. Visitors will also pay the $7 in dues per meeting. Registration is necessary for them to continue attending after 2 visits. 7


To connect with another local MOPS group, please visit www.mops.org.

If you have any questions regarding enrollment/ registration, payment or dues, please send us an email through our Contact page.

Membership Dues

Mom Only $40

Mom + One Child $65

Mom + Two Children $90

Mom + Three Children $100

 Scholarships are available.

$10 discount when annual fee paid.

Checks payable to REFC-MOPS

This money covers the operating costs our MOPS group, hospitality supplies, MOPPETS helpers, MOPPETS curriculum and craft supplies, speaker fees/gifts, printing materials, etc. It also includes the MOPS Int'l fees ($23.95/per memeber). We work diligently to keep the cost of MOPS as low as possible while still providing a quality program.

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